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Luxury Interior Design Trends for 2016

As we move firmly into the second half of the decade, emerging design trends continue to reaffirm the focus on creating living spaces that are tailored to meet the needs of individuals. This is in sharp contrast to the design fads of previous decades, when everybody jumped on the latest bandwagon, irrespective of whether the design principles in play actually suited their specific needs and circumstances.

Sustainability continues to be a buzzword in the industry, inspiring luxury interior designers to think about the environmental, as well as the aesthetic consequences of their choice of materials.

3D Printing Technology

3D printing technology is another factor that will influence design trends in 2016, providing designers with the capability to specify and create custom pieces for individual clients. With the limitless potential that this exciting technology offers it is difficult to predict exactly where it will lead the most innovative designers but unique pieces created as focal points for each room in the home are a distinct possibility.

Luxury Materials

The materials with which luxury interior designers choose to work in 2016 will be those that exude a timeless quality and an authenticity that modern materials cannot match. Think metals such as brass and gold, artisanal glass creations, and traditional fabrics with a 21st century twist.

Local Products

‘Artisanal’ has become a much overused word in the interior décor industry and indeed in the wider world. However, truly individual pieces, created by dedicated craftspeople, will play an important role in the luxury design trends of 2016. Local artisans, using locally sourced materials, have become a staple of 21st century life as far as luxury markets are concerned and will feature prominently in many designers’ best work this year.

Statements of Individualism

Fixtures and fittings that express the style preferences of the individual are becoming more popular. Oversized coffee tables, vintage occasional lighting, and rugs that are both decorative and highly practical are all good examples of this trend in action. Expect to see just one or two examples in each room of the home, with designers still keen to avoid clutter wherever possible.

A More Interesting Minimalism

People are placing more importance on having space in which to move when at home, leading to a somewhat minimalist approach by interior designers in 2016. However, it is a new, more luxurious kind of minimalism: one that features authentic materials and unique pieces of furniture, not the strict variation that led to the stark, characterless interiors of a few years ago.

As always, trends are merely a collective undercurrent and while it’s good to be mindful of current trends, you shouldn’t let trends dictate to you. Your space is about how you live, and trends can simply help enhance that.

Image Credit: Rachel Laxer, BIID Trend Designer of the Year

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