Luxury Interiors

Sourcing Luxury Interior Fittings and Finishings

I am regularly asked by interior designers, architects or those just interested in design to assist in sourcing selected items or to put them in contact with a trusted supplier. These requests come from a number of leading design professionals which clearly highlights my extended global network and experience in the international market. opinion of what constitutes luxury interior design, which is what makes it so interesting. The word luxury is bandied about these days, but no one is really clear on what luxury actually means. I do think this is also because it is so individual and based on your own tastes, cultural background and preferences.

I have built up a selected network of contacts in the design world, both in the UK and across the global market. I know how interior designers and the interior design services work. I have a passion for all concepts of design and for understanding how best to serve my clients. With my experience in the niche industry of high end interior design and my global interior design contacts I am uniquely positioned to help you source just about anything.

There are a plethora of options available online, and I can help you to navigate the options with input from my carefully selected suppliers and contacts. Each supplier or contact comes with a quality assurance, as I have worked with them for a number of years and am familiar with their products and services.

Customer satisfaction is very important to me. I make sure that any supplier or tradesperson I work with can deliver on the product or service, and on the other important deliverables like on time distribution and using quality materials.   

Trust is a critical component of this process. This is why I learn about suppliers and work with them personally so that we can reliably recommend them. You might for example find the item you are looking for in a random online shop in another country. Now you have to deal with the anxiety of making a payment to someone you don’t know in a different country. I take the anxiety around that away and only put you in contact with vetted suppliers and tradesmen.

I also like to offer clients a few options. By carefully matching clients with selected products or specialist services, I ensure that you can work together for a successful outcome on both sides. With every request we try to offer at least three options or choices. So that you have the power to choose based on a guaranteed referral rather than relying on Google reviews. It is also a time saver for you if you are presented with the options rather than having to hunt through the internet looking for the item in question. 

Perhaps you are looking to add to your collectables and are struggling to source the right items. Or you might like to start a collection and need some guidance on what constitutes a good investment, with a trusted provenance.  

This sourcing can be for smaller accessories like dinnerware and vases, or for larger home furnishings like a new sofa, dining table or coffee table. I am also able to offer referrals for bigger project management installations of things like kitchens, bathrooms and projects requiring joinery.

If you would like to learn more about what we can source for you or you are interested in a specific maker, please contact us at info@interiorstylehunter.com.