A luxury swiss chalet designed by Kelly Hoppen

A luxury swiss chalet designed by Kelly Hoppen

Mel Yates_Kelly Hoppen_Chalet in Switzerland (8)

Mel Yates_Kelly Hoppen_Chalet in Switzerland (3)

We’re off to a luxury Swiss resort today to see this gorgeous chalet designed by Kelly Hoppen MBE. This impressive 2900 square foot lateral chalet comprises an open plan living and dining room, a kitchen, four double bedrooms, four bathrooms, one guest toilet, a grand entrance hall and a lovely outdoor terrace that wraps around the chalet.

Kelly Hoppen is known for her clean lines ‘East meets West’ design philosophy and her signature neutral palette of white, cream, grey, taupe and beige. To personalise this beautiful chalet the palette has been extended to include a dusty pink and emerald tones. True to Kelly’s design signature is the use of a multitude of textures which adds visual interest and ‘warmth’ to the chalet.

The lighting is decadent and elegant, I personally would prefer the lighting to be a little more understated, but the client’s brief was to create an elegant space, and this lighting definitely lifts the traditional chalet design to an elegant space.

Mel Yates_Kelly Hoppen_Chalet in Switzerland (6)

Each bedroom is unique in it’s design and colour palette. The emerald green below picks out the green tones of the fir trees and connects the room to the outdoors. The icy blue trim on the throw mirrors the tones of the snow and ice outdoors.Mel Yates_Kelly Hoppen_Chalet in Switzerland (59) Mel Yates_Kelly Hoppen_Chalet in Switzerland (32)

I particularly like this bedroom, accented with dusty pink. The headboard, lower section of the curtain and the flowers on the table draw your eye around the bedroom. Dusty pink is a luxurious colour and works so very well with neutrals. Mel Yates_Kelly Hoppen_Chalet in Switzerland (46)

Kelly has styled this chalet beautifully. I particularly like way Kelly styles; creating focal points and using subtle changes in neutral tones and texture to create visual interest for the viewer. The strong contrasting texture is what makes Kelly’s look work. If there wasn’t dramatic textural changes, the use of neutral tones would look flat. It’s something that I have learned from analysing Kelly’s work, although I do use more colour than Kelly when I design, texture has become the most important element and I use a lot of it. It’s something that you can learn and implement easily in your home too.

Mel Yates_Kelly Hoppen_Chalet in Switzerland (11)

These acrylic glass side tables from Bleu Nature are an excellent way of bringing nature into your home in a modern and stylish way. When I initially saw the images of this chalet, it was these side tables that I got so excited about. The burnt log version on the left in the image below is my favourite. I really do like the pattern created on the charred log. Mel Yates_Kelly Hoppen_Chalet in Switzerland (10)

The stunning view from the chalet sets the palette for the outdoor terrace. Light and dark coloured fabrics mimic the snow and shadows on the mountains. The rattan and wooden furniture help to connect the chalet to the outdoors.

Mel Yates_Kelly Hoppen_Chalet in Switzerland (20) Mel Yates_Kelly Hoppen_Chalet in Switzerland (21)

I do hope that you’ve learned a little more about Kelly Hoppen’s style and enjoyed seeing the images from the project.

You can contact Kelly Hoppen MBE via her website Kelly Hoppen Interiors or you can purchase some of the products featured at Kelly Hoppen London.

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