Mens Bedroom Ideas

Mens Bedroom Ideas

You certainly don’t need to be a man to enjoy the design aesthetic that is often associated with masculine design.  Solid, sturdy, functional, broad and grand are words that I like to use when planning a masculine interior design scheme.

As you can see by the images that I’ve found on Pinterest, these mens bedrooms ideas have been designed for comfort first. When working with male clients, I’ve found that comfort is a very important factor in the design scheme. Practicality is also pretty high on the list, and my job is to add the style.

Let’s have a look at some masculine bedroom design ideas.

Keep things simple is a very good mantra to start with. If you are creating a moodboard for a masculine inspired space, keep these keywords close by to keep you on track, simple, functional, stylish.

The use of simple black and white prints (in the image above) arranged in a gallery wall format above the bed adds interest to the room, but also helps to draw the eye up the wall making the space seem larger. Also note the pile of magazines acting as a bedstand… stylish and functional.

We have all seen those beds in the interior magazines that are drowning in linen, pillows, throws, duvets and whatever else can fit on the bed. While that may be fine for a magazine shoot, the average man doesn’t have time to undress and redress his bed.

Keep the linen simple, but plush. A couple of pillows on each side, a continental and a normal pillow is all you need. Add a comfy duvet and a luxurious throw to keep him warm too. I suggest fitted sheets as these are much easier to take on and off.

Inject some style and personality by repurposing objects to make statement pieces. This trunk has made for a great side table, it’s functional, and looks good too.

As I mentioned earlier, keep it simple, functional and stylish.  Look for interesting pieces that fit those 3 keywords. A good example is the bedside lamp above. Take your time looking for interesting pieces like this.  It will help keep the clutter down because you don’t need anything more to accessorise.

I can help you source interesting pieces for your space, contact me for more info.

A bedroom isn’t only a place to sleep, it’s also a place to escape the rest of the house. Add in some seating and some shelves to keep beloved treasures on.

Contact me if you want to redesign your home or simply help you style your space so that it looks really cool and masculine!

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