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My favourites from Decorex 2015

Gosh this has been a busy week. London Design Festival is a fantastic event in the calendar. It’s made up of hundreds of events, all packed into a week.  Whilst I have a business to run, a blog to write, clients to meet, I managed to make some time to go to Decorex 2015.

Decorex is a luxury event, the exhibitors here are at the top end of the market. Their products comprise the best materials available and the design is second to none.  This year, the theme was, The Future of Luxury.

Here is what I spotted on the day. I’ll be writing in depth about some of these companies in the next few weeks. It’s a bit of a monumental photo tour – so enjoy.

Hyde House Designs, I love this wallcovering. It makes such a statement.

hyde house designs 1

Bert Frank. I really did like the lighting from this company. Simple retro but modern lighting that just looks fantastic.

bert frank lighting 3

bert frank lighting 2

bert frank lighting 1

bert frank lighting

This peacock wallpaper from de Gournay just caught my eye.

de gournay wallpaperChesneys were showcasing their gorgeous fireplaces, but I really liked the art that they used to make their stand more interesting.

Chesneys Ltd Fireplace

Ecco Trading. These bright colours were great at attracting the crowds.

ecco trading decorex

At the Blendworth stand, they were showcasing their new designs from their latest collection where they collaborated with Wedgwood. My favourite from the collection is the fabled crane. I wrote in detail about the Blendworth & Wedgwood collaboration.

fabled crane blendworth wedgwood decorex

Whistler Leather were showcasing these gorgeous hair on hyde woven rugs. They are bespoke and you can choose any colour and any size.

whistler leather woven rug decorex had a very eclectic British stand which drew a lot of attention too.

sofa dot com

I think this is probably the most photographed stand at Decorex. Harlequin London created this beautiful table. There is so much detail that I’d need an afternoon to go through it all. They certainly turned heads.

harlequin london decorex

Gainsborough Silk had this wonderful antique bed draped with their fine silks. It was certainly impressive, but then so are their silks.

gainsborough silk bed decorex

gainsborough silk bed decorex 1

There were two enormous iDogi chandeliers. Also one of the popular photograph spots. I can’t imagine the time it must take to install and uninstall them.  The craftsmanship that goes into these is just incredible.

idogi chandeliers 1

idogi chandeliers

I came across Il Pezzo Mancante, who I had not met before. They create handmade and bespoke interior items. I particularly like their lighting which was copper and crystal. Absolutely beautiful.

il pezzo mancante decorex lighting 1

il pezzo mancante decorex lighting

Serip had some beautiful ‘organic’ shaped lighting on display. I absolutely loved their pieces. Practical and adds to the design aesthetic of the space.

serip lighting decorex 2

serip lighting decorex 1

serip lighting decorex

Kensa Designs. This is the first time I came across this company. They take bashed up old English antiques, restore them and paint the most beautiful artwork on them. They only make about 8 pieces a year, and almost everything is commissioned.

kensa designs decorex 1

kensa designs decorex

This huge marble bath from Lapicida was just simply one of my favourites. I’ve really been ‘into’ the marble trend this year and have always loved the material, not only for floors and walls, but other decor items too. But simply, this bath is fabulous!

lapicida marble bath decorex

lapicida marble bath decorex 1

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