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New collections from Camerich


The last time I write about Camerich it resulted in a number of designers contacting me and telling me that after reading my post they had gone to Camerich were impressed by what they saw. A number of them told me that they had set up trade accounts too.

One designer in particular told me that she had a project in the US where the client was looking for good Italian styled sofas. So she sent them off to Camerich to have a look and made quite a sale.

I love it when a blog post has that sort of effect on the interior design community. It’s why blogs exist, to serve the community and as I set out to tell the story of brands with this blog, I think it’s working. I’m not sure if you know, but Camerich have stores on every continent, very useful for designers who work globally.

Camerica recently showed me their latest collection and I was again, very impressed with what I saw. Their approach is no-nonsense, they build great sectional sofas and furniture that just works, for any space. There are often over 20 modules in a collection which means that you can truly build a sectional sofa that is bespoke to your space.

The Elan collection is a contemporary and stylish simple sofa. It’s very deep too which makes it super comfortable to snuggle up on. The slim arms give it a modern feel. I do like the built in storage on some of the pieces in the collection. It’s so slick and we all need more storage in our homes.


The Amor collection is a little bit more contemporary and would work really well in a large open space. The strong geometric lines would work well with large contemporary geometric artwork and a strong statement rug. This collection is about those strong well designed lines. Look out for the angled chaise in the collection which is a statement piece on it’s own.


For more information visit their website.

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