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New Morris & Co Cushion Collection

morris & co

Morris & co

Morris & Co

Morris & Co

This week one of the top design shows in Europe takes place, Maison Objet. There will be all sorts of exhibitors showing us what’s new, what the trends are expected to be and so much more. But there’s something special about looking back at classic design and seeing how it’s been re-interpreted for the 21st century.  Morris & Co is a company that does just that. Taking the original designs of William Morris and reworking them into products that work for us today.

For those of you who are new to William Morris; he was a celebrated textile designer, philosopher and political theorist in the 19th century. Morris was one of the most outstanding and influential designers of the Arts and Crafts movement. He created some of the most fashionable and popular fabric and wallpaper designs of that time.  To find out more about William Morris, you can visit the William Morris Society.

I was very impressed with their new cushion collection. These designs are bold and have that English feel to them. These are the sort of cushions that I would add to a space to ramp up the visual volume, while also giving the owner something to talk about.  The designs that are printed on these cushions date back to the 19th century and yet, they are ‘alive’ and work perfectly well today. These designs have been digitally printed onto soft velvet and linen fabric and each cushion comes with a duck feather pad.

Priced from £59, they are available directly from Morris & Co.

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