New workshop: Learn how to price your interior design services

28th July 2016
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Join Grant Pierrus, founder of Interior Style Hunter and Alice Wells, founder of Carter Wells, Interior Designer Agency – representing some of the industry’s best known designers and some of its best kept secrets.

In this workshop we’ll teach you how to evaluate your offering and in turn price point your services.  Discover how to charge and ensure your time is always accounted for.

There are three elements to this workshop:

Know Your Brand and position within the market

  • Learn to understand your key services – what within your offering is your forte and therefore your USP
  • Understand why this will help you to market your company more effectively
  • Rediscover your original and unique passion for your craft
  • Really understand your place in the market

Who are your customers and evaluate their expectations and understanding of who you are as an interior designer

  • We address your place in the market – who is your competition and how to set yourself apart in order to price yourself effectively
  • What are your customers looking for and how do you price to ensure you cover all eventualities
  • Discover the psychology behind pricing and how if you get it right you are half way to winning your next project
  • Templates and proposals will be addressed to help you feel completely confident with submitting proposals and invoices

Your Action Plan

  • Together we will put together a plan to ensure you know how to charge and set your fees firmly once and for all!
  • With useful examples and templates we can start to build your fee structure

To summarise; in this workshop we will be looking at your brand, your company ethos and how to value your company and your offering to ensure you have a confident pricing structure in place that you can apply to each and every enquiry that comes your way: large or small.

All attendees will leave the workshop with an action plan and an understanding of how to build appropriate, competitive but on point fee structures.

Who is this workshop for?

You are an entrepreneur in the interior design industry, you own an interior design company, you work for an interiors brand. You want to join the crusade to ensure that Interior Design Fees are understood and accepted.

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