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One Hyde Park Apartment by Elicyon

There aren’t many projects of this calibre where designers can showcase their work to the press, so it’s a real treat to be able to share this project with you. Designed by Elicyon, the London based luxury interior design firm that is headed up by the Founder Charu Ghandi and Creative Director Cecilia Halling.

Space Planning

The project was a complete fit out and upgrade from the initial specifications from the legendary developers, Candy & Candy. The brief was to create a luxury family apartment and to challenge every thought and decision that was made. The result is quite spectacular, and there are three spaces in particular which benefitted from this approach. The entrance, the kitchen and the media room. Space planning, put quite simply, is what interior designers do best and this project is a very fine example of space planning being done exceptionally well.

The entrance started off as a small boxed in room, and by repurposing walk-in wardrobes and thinking about how the bedrooms could work more efficiently, Elicyon has managed to create a large and welcoming entrance hall with stunning curved walls that lead you down the hallway to the living areas. This completely changed the experience of entering the apartment, from being greeted in a box, to being received into an entrance with views of the clients’ art collection and out to Hyde Park.

The kitchen was redesigned after a lifestyle consultation with the family, Elicyon identified that as their clients mostly eat out when in London, the apartment didn’t need a formal dining space. This meant that by including a sizeable dining table into the kitchen space and altering the kitchen layout, the client could indeed host an informal dinner party, but more importantly, free up a room to create a media room. This media room is now one of the most used rooms in the apartment.

Art Collection

Elicyon were asked to curate the art collection for this property and I remember speaking to Charu Ghandi while she was heading out to Art Basel about this project. The brief was to create a collection that would add colour to the grey palette of the apartment. There are pieces by Antony Gormley, Lichtenstein, Warhol, Hirst and more throughout the space and each piece adds some humour and a lot of colour to each space.

Design Details

The finest materials were used and it was fascinating to hear the stories that sourcing the best of the best materials involves, from multiple visits to marble yards to having to almost hold onto a slab of marble so that it wasn’t sold. This level of service and personal involvement in this project means that the final result is magnificent. And as you can see from the magnificent bathroom below, the time and effort taken into sourcing the best materials yield incredible results.

There are many more details to showcase in this project, but the built in bar in the living room was a very clever addition to the space. There are 3 spaces where the doors slide open and a fully equipped bar is available on cue. Perfect for when entertaining, once you’re done, you just close it up and the shelves are back to showcasing the fine accessories collection.

Each of the 4 bedrooms were fitted with bespoke bedroom furniture, and in particular, the feature in the main bedroom is the straw marquetry behind the bed. I’ve not seen this technique applied to a wall in such a grand scale before, it’s usually reserved for accessories and furniture, but this was truly breathtaking. I’m assuming the owners really love this craft and therefore want to feel embraced by it. The richness it adds to the space wouldn’t be achieved in any other way.

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