Online Course: How to grow your design business with strategic marketing and PR

A practical marketing and PR course to help you grow your business.

In just 4 weeks, we will help you build a practical marketing plan for your business. You will be learning the latest approaches and implementing these strategies straight into your business.

At the end of the 4 weeks, you’ll have created and implemented a strategic digital marketing plan.

Dates and format

4 March 2019 for 4 weeks

On Monday each week, there will be a Live online presentation, followed by a Live Q + A session. The activities that you will learn about each Monday, you have the rest of the week to implement. There will be a private Facebook group for support and you’ll be able to ask questions if you need assistance with anything.

There are 4 elements to this course:

Know Your Brand

  • Learn to craft your brand story so that it’s relevant and attractive online.
  • Ensure you know who your clients are, where they hang out online and how best to find and engage with them to drive sales.

Social Media, Online Tools, Content Planning and Advertising

  • We will share our tried and tested formula with you to ensure you’re getting the maximum exposure online.
  • Let’s make your life easy with online tools that are designed to save you time.
  • We talk about digital influencers (bloggers and people who have a large following online) and the best way to pitch your work to them so that you can get exposure to their audience.
  • We will help you understand what you should be sharing and writing about.
  • Going LIVE – why it works.
  • Advertising takes your efforts and amplifies the results enormously. You don’t even need a big budget to get results. We share all we know about this technique.

PR for Interior Designers

  • We will learn how you can use PR in today’s world and you will create and refine your own business profile, ready to send out to journalists/editors and to be used for other opportunities.

Your Action Plan

  • Together we will craft an action plan for your business that is focused on your objectives.
  • We will also look at how to measure and setting realistic targets so that you know that you are getting a return on your efforts.

To summarise; in this course, we will analyse your brand, the tools that you could be taking advantage of and how best to present your business online in order for you to raise your profile and attract new clients.

All attendees will leave the course with an action plan, advertising plan, content plan, social media template, knowledge of which tools to use, a press release for their business and an understanding of how to take the next step in marketing their business online.


£275.00 or 2 payments of £150 each. 

What others have said about this course:

  • It was amazing! Very inspiring and motivating! Thank you! Anna W
  • It was incredibly helpful doing the business analysis exercises and identifying my own brand identity and USP and having to commit this to paper and present it. I appreciated the emphasis on developing an actual Digital Marketing Plan at the seminar and coming away with something that can be actioned over the next few months.
  • I would highly recommend your marketing seminars to other Interior Designers or anyone hoping to use Social Media and Digital marketing to build their business. Hannah W
  • It was great to get the benefit of Grant’s expertise and to learn how to successfully develop our own marketing strategies.I would highly recommend this course to any Interiors business who is keen to raise their online profile, it was also very relaxed and in great surroundings! Penelope A
  • Can highly recommend it. Really useful and informative. Thanks Grant. Miranda K