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My best friend and I were having a chat about her home this past weekend. She lives in a smart studio in West London. It’s a small space but she’s done some great things with it. I’m always surprised at the amount of furniture she can fit into the small space.

We often laugh because I like to go around and help her ‘edit’ her clutter whether she likes it or not. And we have many stories about our decluttering exercises.

Things have been going well for my friend. She has just got herself a massive promotion that includes a massive salary! And with the big change, she feels that she needs that change to be reflected in her home too.

I’ve had clients phone me up for an interior design consultation when they have recently gone through big changes. Divorce, new home, children flying the nest, new job, newly married, new babies etc. All these changes have an effect on the way we live. We want/need these changes to reflect in our homes too. It’s fun working with people who have just undergone a change as it’s all about exploring new styles and ways of living.

Back to my friend; we started talking about decluttering again and she was saying to me just how attached she is to some of her ‘stuff’. I know that she is attached to her things but I also know that she doesn’t actually love her ‘stuff’. Luckily this resonated with her and she’s now agreed to throw out a lot of things and slowly replace it with things that she loves.

This got me thinking about you dear reader, you probably have a home filled with things. How much of it do you truly love? How many pieces of furniture/art/accessories etc actually make you happy when you use it or see it?

It takes a long time to fill a home with things that you love but that’s the fun part. As each piece will have a story or two attached to it. I know that you can’t just throw everything out and start again, that would be a waste of money.

But what I do want to inspire you to do is next time you are looking for something, don’t settle on just anything because you can afford it or it’s available.

WAIT! SAVE UP! And go buy something you LOVE!

If you need help decluttering or planning your home layout, get in touch with me for an interior design consultation.

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