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Peter Linnett Sculptures

12th July 2017

I was recently introduced to the work of sculptor extraordinaire Peter Linnett. Peter is based in London and worked for many, many years in antique restoration and this has probably been the biggest influence on his work. He creates functional sculpture, meaning that you can use it as furniture, but they are truly pieces of art.

Linnett uses materials that age with dignity and even goes as far to say he welcomes the ageing process as these add to the charm, appeal and timelessness of his artworks. Making them collectables around the globe. He has received incredible worldwide acclaim and has shown his work in art galleries and exhibitions around the world from London, to Los Angeles and Shanghai. As well as in homes of some of Hollywood’s elite!

Perhaps what makes his sculptures perennial is also the mythology and legends that guides his work and is ultimately the ‘theme’ of his furniture. With pieces such as Zeus, Dragon, Phoenix and Unicorn it’s no wonder the world is intrigued. Mythology is apparent in every culture and transcends locations, age, sex, history and so much more therefore as people we are fascinated by myths and they provide a wonderful talking point for artworks such as Linnett’s sculptures.

With legend and mythology being the subject of his sculptures this naturally leads to a theatrical element of Linnett’s artworks and earns them the storytelling function that today is essential to any great piece of work by an artist. When looking at his furniture sculptures it is clear there is a story behind each one of them and they would add so much interest and talk ability to any setting.

The piece I would like to highlight today is Unicorn, Unicorn was first shown in 2013 at Clerkenwell Design Week and has since been exhibited at design Shanghai. The piece is made from bronze using industrial sand-casting techniques and fabricated with minimal remedial work so production blemishes remain a feature of the finished product. Unicorn is available in a variety of configurations including a side table seen here and a console table.

Picture 014

To see more of Linnett’s work visit his website here.




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