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  1. KLC School of Design, Jenny Gibbs
  2. Pink House Living, Emily Murray
  3. 2LG Studio, Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead
  4. Mikel Welch Designs, Mikel Welch
  5. Carvill Creative, Michelle Carvill
  6. Londonewcastle, Robert Soning and Trilbey Gordon
  7. Haines Watts, Nicola Pearson
  8. Rockett St George, Jane Rockett
  9. Amara, Karen Waddilove
  10. Taylor Howes Design, Karen Howes
  11. Shirlie Kemp
  12. David Collins Studio, Simon Rawlings
  13. Joanna Wood International, Joanna Wood
  14. Interior Style Hunter, Grant Pierrus
  15. Kitesgrove, Sophie Coller and Sophie Elborne
  16. Sue Bond Interiors, Sue Bond
  17. March and White, Elliot March and James White

Episode 1: 4 September 2018

KLC School of Design, Jenny Gibbs

Building a Values-Shaped Community with Jenny-Gibbs, Founder of KLC School of Design

Jenny Gibbs, Founder and Principal of KLC School of Design. KLC was established in 1982 and has become one of the top design schools in the world. The school was founded on the three core values of innovation, creativity, and integrity.

We dive into the importance of learning and changing with the industry, what it means to educate a new generation of interior designers, and the vast opportunities opening up to new KLC students.

Episode 2: 11 September 2018

Pink House Living, Emily Murray

Building a Digital Brand by Embracing Colour, With Emily Murray of Pink House Living

Emily Murray, founder and editor of The Pink House. Emily is mum to two bonkers little boys, wife to the long-suffering Pink House Husband, and she recently moved from Edinburgh back to London, where she lives in an Edwardian house with a pink front door.

For her success, Emily has won three awards and has been featured in the top UK. With such dedication to building a brand in a very short time, I simply had to ask Emily to join me on the show to talk about it in more detail.

Emily shares how “pink” found her, the lightbulb moment that lead to her starting a business, and how she helps people reconnect with themselves through their home.

Episode 3: 18 September 2018

2LG Studio, Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead

Growing an Approachable Interior Design Business, With Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead of 2LG Studio

Jordan and Russel are the founders of 2LG Studio, an Interior Design Studio based in South East London.

These two guys have successfully carved out a defined niche in the interior design world in just five years. While doing that, they have built up a great portfolio, collection of collaborations, product designs, and the press is hot on their tracks!

At 2LG Studio they offer residential and commercial Interior design services, design consultancy services, and styling services. Jordan and Russell share more about their five year journey to success, what it took to get to where they are today, and what it means to be transparent and approachable in the interior design industry today.

Episode 4: 25 September 2018

Mikel Welch Designs, Mikel Welch

Telling An Authentic Story Through Interior Design, With Mikel Welch of Mikel Welch Designs

Mikel Welch is a self-taught designer and runs his interior design business, Mikel Welch Designs, in New York City.

He is also a TV personality that showcases his talent to millions of viewers, teaching them how to create luxury-inspired spaces with a conservative budget. Mikel has also created lavish greenrooms for First Lady Michelle Obama, First Lady Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Joan Rivers, and Halle Berry.

Mikel is definitely design, celebrity, and TV all-in-one! In this episode, Mikel dives into his journey and life as an interior designer and on air television personality. W/e also chat about how Mikel honed his skills as a designer, why he believes successful designers have an innate quality, and the importance of seizing every opportunity that comes into your life.

Episode 5: 2 October 2018

Carvill Creative, Michelle Carvill

Applying Strategic Marketing Principles to Social Technologies, With Michelle Carvill of Carvill Creative

Michelle Carville is the author of The Business of Being Social and her most recently published, Get Social. She is also the founder of Carvill Creative, a marketing and web design agency, which started 15 years ago.

Her company is grounded in traditional marketing and design principles, yet also specializes in working with digital and social media technologies. Inside this episode, Michelle helps us to uncover some truths about social media, why it is crucial for leadership to be on board with social networks, and how to maximize the value of being the face of your business.

We also dive into Michelle’s Smart Social Focus Model and learn techniques for applying it to your own business by listening, analysing, engaging, and continuously measuring. Michelle is an absolute social media aficionado.

Episode 6: 9 October 2018

Londonewcastle, Robert Soning and Trilbey Gordon

Bringing Together Passion, Art, and Community for Development with Robert Soning and Trilbey Gordon of Londonewcastle

We host a conversation with Robert Soning and Trilbey Gordon of design conscious development company Londonewcastle. We also cover the company’s beginnings and how these two came to collaborate in the manner in which they currently do.

Robert tells us about the art-focussed initiatives that Londonewcastle spearheads, providing spaces and platforms for local artists to exhibit and Trilbey gives us some behind the scenes access to what keeps her creatively inspired. For all this and much more, be sure to tune in!

They are here to tell us all about the fascinating and inspiring work that the company does! Both of our guests stress the importance of creative and artistic flair and freedom in the work that they do as we chat about makes them and Londonewcastle tick.

Episode 7: 16 October 2018

Haines Watts, Nicola Pearson

Interior Design Pricing with Haines Watts and Nicola Pearson

Nicola Pearson from Haines Watts to chat about pricing in design and all the intricacies and difficulties of this issue. Nicola is a Chartered Accountant, has been a partner for the last thirteen years, and the core of her work at Haines Watts is around owner managers.

We start off our discussion by looking at the vague and confusing nature of pricing in the design field and how designers may go about pricing their work smartly and successfully. The chat covers contracts and fixed fees, working capital and professional advice and some of the tools and systems that can help designers get the most out of their work with the least pain and effort.

After going through all the technical expertise that Nicola has to share, we delve into some of the more personal aspects with our guest.

Episode 8: 23 October 2018

Rockett St George, Jane Rockett

Luxury and Personality, with Jane Rockett of Rockett St George

The company is an online store for luxury and quirky homeware that has been running for the last ten years since Jane and her partner Lucy founded it. In our conversation we cover the genesis of Rockett St George and what Jane had in mind when they started out. We then go on to cover questions of aesthetics, patterns and Jane shares some exciting news about their new line of paints!

As an experienced and open hearted designer, Jane has so much wisdom to offer and she gladly opens up about fearlessness, progression and originality, all inspiring perspectives. We finish off our conversation looking to the future of design, online shopping and Rockett St George, which by all accounts looking blindingly bright!

Episode 9: 30 October 2018

Amara, Karen Waddilove

Building an Interiors Online Retail Giant and the Amara Blog Awards with Karen Waddilove

Karen is the Head of Events and Corporate Partnerships at Amara, the online destination for luxury home brands such as Missoni Home, Mulberry Home, Ralph Lauren Home and Versace Home. Karen has been with Amara for almost a decade and during her time she has had many exhilarating experiences acquiring new brands such as Ralph Lauren. Amara has also been involved in the online interior blogging scene for quite some time with their Amara Interior Blog Awards.

On the show we discuss Amara, what they do, how they were founded and when the decision was made to capture the interior blogging sector the way they have.

Episode 10: 6 November 2018

Taylor Howes Design, Karen Howes

Building an Interior Design Superbrand with Karen Howes of Taylor Howes

Having co-founded Taylor Howes 25 years ago, Karen has an incredible range of experience and wisdom to share and we hear from her on a variety of topics. We’re both looking forward to an exciting future for the design world.

We chat about the ethos and forward facing nature of her philosophy, something that Karen sees as integral to progressive and interesting design work. We also talk about nurturing talent, evolving roles and building relationships with suppliers.

Karen is kind enough to share some of the exciting new projects in which she is involved and tells us about Place2Be, Business of Design and the latest collection launching shortly, Love at Dusk.

Episode 11: 13 November 2018

Shirlie Kemp

Dream Homes and Sensitivity to Space with Shirlie Kemp

Shirlie has built a brand and business around photographing what she loves in a way that is meaningful to her and has turned a passion into a way to see the world. In our conversation we talk about about the sensitivity that Shirlie has always felt and the role this plays in how she goes about living and working.

We also cover thoughts on homes and the important roles that the spaces we inhabit have on our mindset. Shirlie is kind enough to share many of her insights and approaches to her work, which has always been led by her intuition and feelings. Feng Shui has played a big part in the way Shirlie has come to understand the world and we discuss her relationship with this framework and how she has used it during her career.

Episode 12: 20 November 2018

David Collins Studio, Simon Rawlings

An Eye for Detail and Energy with Simon Rawlings of David Collins Studio

Simon Rawlings, the Creative Director of David Collins Studio, has overseen the realisation of some of the world’s most iconic hospitality, residential, and retail spaces. He has been working at David Collins for almost two decades and during this time has worked around the world on industry defining projects.

In our conversation, Simon shares a lot of his experience and opinions and what he thinks has come to define his and the studio’s work. Simon has played a huge role in creating David Collins’ signature style, near-obsessive attention to detail with virtuoso use of colour, as a means of crafting mood through environment. We hear from him about some highlights from his career, the importance of internships and youth initiatives, and his preference for designing spaces rather than photographs.

Episode 13: 27 November 2018

Joanna Wood International, Joanna Wood

Designing Lifestyles Through Interior Design with Joanna Wood

With decades of experience, a hugely successful company, and a resume to die for, who better to discuss the past, present, and future of interiors than Joanna.

In our conversation we talk about some of the fundamental building blocks to Joanna’s practice and how history and lineage play an important part in her approach to fresh and new spaces. We discuss specific projects that she has worked on, notably the recent refurbishment of The King’s Library.

Joanna gives us great insight into what has helped her stay relevant and inspired over so many years and we get some behind the scenes details on her business secrets and tips!

Joanna emphasizes the importance of internal and external relationships and swears by having a strong team performing at their best. We also get to hear a little about Joanna personal favourites in media, design, and destinations.

Episode 14: 4 December 2018

Interior Style Hunter, Grant Pierrus

Creating Your Interior Design Niche by Building a Strong Community, With Grant Pierrus

Grant Pierrus is the owner of the award winning London based interior design blog, Interior Style Hunter!

Grant shares his story of how he got started in the interior design space, the major tipping points in his career, and why Grant values building a strong design community above all.

A very special mention to Renu Ravalia who interviewed Grant.

Episode 15: 11 December 2018

Kitesgrove, Sophie Coller and Sophie Elborne

The Two Hemispheres of Design, with Sophie Elborne and Sophie Coller of Kitesgrove

Sophie Elborne is the Creative Director and Sophie Coller is the Managing Director and they are here to tell all about their company and the way they compliment each other and direct the team that works there.

We chat about the company’s design ethos and their approaches to different types of projects. We also get into some of the challenges that they have faced and that are currently relevant to their work. One of the main points that emerges from the conversation is the focus and tailoring that Kitesgrove affords the needs of their clients, preferring to work specifically to these than to have a set aesthetic and mode of operation.

We also cover some of the spaces from which our guests take inspiration and look at potential dream projects.

Episode 16: 17 December 2018

Sue Bond

Creating a Successful Relationship-Based Interior Design Business, With Sue Bond

Sue Bond, a South African-based interior designer. Sue’s career started out from her love for property and her ability to transform a house into something beautiful.

Her business has always been a very personal one, and she sort of fell into it rather than choosing it. Sue has worked extensively around the globe, doing projects with clients in Hong Kong, South Africa, Spain, Russia, and all over the UK.

Sue shares her journey and how her business has transformed over the years, from project to project. We also dive into the personal nature of Sue’s business and why she prefers to build her clientele through word of mouth.

Finally, Sue shares more about her love for art and how she incorporates home-grown and locally based artists and creators into her projects all over the world.

Episode 17: 19 December 2018

March and White, Elliot March and James White

Embracing the Distinct Elements of Design with Elliot and James of March & White

Elliott March and James White of March & White. March & White is an international design house with studios in London, New York, and Los Angeles.

The company has a focus on narrative, luxury, and relevancy and James and Elliott are here to tell us a little more about its history and future. In our conversation we chat about the different design spaces March & White inhabits before considering the effects of this interdisciplinary dynamic.

We chat about the emphasis they put on a client’s narrative and weaving it into a project and also get into the three core values that run through all the work that they do. Elliott and James share some of their favorite projects,spaces and ideas around personal style.

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