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RH England: English Heritage and Californian Panache

RH England: English Heritage and Californian Panache

A Grand Unveiling in the Cotswolds

The picturesque setting of the Cotswolds was the chosen backdrop for the grand unveiling of RH England. As the sun set over the historic Aynho Park, guests from various walks of life, including designers, celebrities, and industry insiders, gathered to open RH’s first international venture. 

This 73-acre country estate, with its 17th-century manor and Europe’s largest herd of white deer, is a testament to RH’s ambition and a reflection of CEO Gary Friedman’s meticulous attention to detail.

Architectural Fusion: English Elegance Meets Californian Modernity

One of the standout features of RH England is its ability to blend the architectural legacy of the English Country House with the contemporary Californian style that RH is renowned for. 

This design journey is further enriched by an exhibition dedicated to British architect Sir John Soane, who remodelled Aynhoe Park in the early 19th century. His influence is palpable, adding depth to the design narrative and paying homage to the region’s rich architectural history.


Beyond Interiors: A Design Experience

While RH’s global reputation is anchored in luxury interiors, RH England transcends this. 

The brand’s signature style finds resonance in the traditional architectural elements of the English Country House.

The result? A space that feels both familiar and refreshingly new. This isn’t just a showroom; it’s a holistic design experience.

Further to this, and I’m almost certain of it due to the rumours, will be the opening of the London showroom and thus playing to the age-old culture of business in the city, play in the country. 

Service That Resonates

My visit was made even more memorable by the impeccable service, something that unfortunately we don’t get too much of in the UK. The staff, with their in-depth knowledge and genuine passion for the brand, ensured that the experience was informative and deeply personal. 

It’s clear that for RH, service isn’t just a transaction; it’s an integral part of the brand’s ethos.

A Bold Venture with High Stakes

RH England’s launch is bold, marking a significant departure from RH’s stateside galleries. The stakes are undeniably higher in the UK, a market with its own challenges and nuances. 

However, the brand’s commitment to its vision is evident in every aspect of RH England, from its strategic location to its grandeur. This isn’t just about selling furniture; it’s about making a statement in the global design community.

The Essence of RH England

At its core, RH England celebrates design, history, and luxury. It’s where the past and present converge, offering visitors a unique perspective on design evolution. 

While seemingly remote, the location is strategic, targeting the local audience and the global clientele that frequents London. With its proximity to Bicester Village, a popular destination for international tourists, RH England is poised to attract a diverse audience.

Should you visit?

RH England is more than just a new showroom; it’s a bold statement of intent. It encapsulates RH’s vision of blending diverse design cultures and offering a unique experience to its visitors. 

RH England is a must-visit if you’re a design aficionado or simply curious about the confluence of English heritage and Californian style.

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