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Ribbon Chair from Object Studio

ribbon chair object studio

Sometimes you need a statement piece in a space to make it work. Something bold, strong and beautifully made. Something like the Ribbon Chair which I recently saw at Maison et Objet. It was sitting on a plinth, cleverly conveying the message that this isn’t just a piece of furniture, but rather something to be admired, a piece of sculptural art.

ribbon chair object studio

We asked them to take it off the plinth and move it to the floor so we could sit in it. I remember thinking to myself, this is what it must feel like sitting in butter, the silky smooth wood meant that your hands didn’t cease moving around feeling those gorgeous curves. It was a sensational experience.

ribbon chair object studio

This particular model is hand made in London from White Maple, and there is a lacquered black version on the Studio Object website. The Ribbon Chair was designed by Thomas Vaughn who founded Object Studio after graduating with a masters degree in product design from the Royal College of Art.

Functional art adds an incredible amount of personality to a room, and looking at the Studio Object website, you will see that they have created a very exciting range of pieces. Go on and take a look at their work.

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