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The Rockett St George Pop Up at Liberty

rockett st george pop up

Peacock chairs, duck feet lamps, Zebra’s and Juju hats, all set against a dark background with the occasional plant thrown in and a hint of gold every now and then. It’s unmistakably Rockett St George, the fabulous online store that nearly all designers go to find unique and fun pieces. But this my dear readers, is Rockett St George come to life, and what better surrounding than the 4th floor of Liberty.

As you walk in you are presented with the welcome look, a peacock chair surrounded by bold textures and shapes, with a hint of gold and that black and white monochrome palette that defines Rockett St George.

rockett st george pop up

Just around the corner the zebra, Juju hat, gold baskets and fun mirror that says ‘Who are you going to be today?’ create a bold statement and start to show you how you can use Rockett St George products and accessories to add a statement to your home.

We’ve been using Juju feather hats in South African interiors for years now, you can get them in a variety of colours, orange and red are particularly popular. They add both colour and texture to a space.

rockett st george pop up

We’ve seen the Flamingo leg lamp by Temple and Ivy, but this Duck Feet lamp by Rockett St George is a little sturdier, with less feathers. The black and gold lampshade gives it a chic feel, and you’d be able to slip this into most design schemes without it jumping out too much. It’s also exclusive to the pop up shop at Liberty, so you have to go down to the shop to get it.

rockett st george pop up

I loved this black and white photograph of Clint Eastwood, who wouldn’t want that up on their wall (blush). Rockett St George have a cool selection of photographs of well known actors, these make for a great gallery wall.

A designer friend of mine, Rachel Laxer, has a large gallery wall showcasing some of the incredible photographic collection that she has and it really is so impressive. The next time I’m at Rachel’s, I’ll instagram a picture of it.

rockett st george pop up

This cowhide chair comes in a few different hides, the wood is eucalyptus, which I think is a sustainable wood as it grows really fast. It’s amazing value at under £500 and it’s super comfy too!

rockett st george pop up

I’ve been looking for a lamp for my desk and spotted this little Typewriter Table Lamp and thought it would be quite cute on my desk, but not too sure about what shade I’d use, so didn’t pick it up.

rockett st george pop up

This nest of marble table’s should be in everyone’s home. Marble is such a versatile material and you can use it in most design schemes. This nest of tables is such good value and the pieces feel solid and heavy, making them seem a lot more expensive than they are. These are a really good buy!

Rockett st george pop up

I love the humour in the Rockett St George products, they do put a smile on your face. I landed up buying a few things including a gold pig coin bank – never thought I’d do that, but I’m in love with it.

One of the team from Liberty told me that the pop up has gone really well and that Rockett St George even sold out of a few of their items on the opening day. That’s quite an achievement. It’s also good to hear that the Liberty staff are excited about the pop up and feel that it’s a welcome addition to the store and something that their regular clients will be excited about.

I for one can tell you that if you love Liberty, you’ll love Rockett St George and vice versa. Pop down soon before they sell out of those Duck Feet lamps!

Rockett St George

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