Soundwall – Art that plays music

14th November 2015

soundwall 7I was recently invited to an event by Soundwall to be held at Christies in St James. I was quite impressed by the invite as it was a preview to see artwork by Prince Nikolaus, and even better, the Prince would be there too. Soundwall was a new company to me too, and their product “Art that plays music” sounded like something that I would be very interested in. So lots of reasons to attend, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Soundwall is an interesting concept. It’s art, but the entire surface of the piece of art is a speaker. I thought I would see lots of little holes in the surface of the art, but you can’t. The quality of the sound is second to none, there was music playing all night and you couldn’t fault the quality of the sound at all. I took a short video which includes some of the sounds, but it was just on my iphone so the quality is certainly not anything near the real quality, but it gives you an idea.

I enjoyed seeing the art by the Prince. The beauty of these images is hard to convey through a photograph, but trust me, the sharpness of the images is just incredible.

soundwall 9

soundwall 5

soundwall 6

The incredible triple piece artwork of Brigitte Bardot was also on display, this speaker had been commissioned by Conde Nast, and is now sitting in Vogue House – how lucky they are!

soundwall 4

The event itself was great, there were a lot of people there and I enjoyed meeting new people in the grand surroundings of Christies.


The speakers themselves are connected to your devices by wifi and you can control them from a simple app on your mobile phone or tablet. There are a few types available, from chalkboards, whiteboards, prints and original pieces of art.

Soundwall are working very hard at building a presence in the UK, they are currently based in New York. It’s a very interesting concept, technology and art. I’m sure that there are a few companies around who are trying to ‘inject’ technology into the art world, but none have come up with a solution as neat and tidy as Soundwall have.

Big ugly speakers are an interior designers nightmare, and we don’t want to see them in a home, but we know how important they are in the multi-media homes that we live in now. So this product from Soundwall is a very neat solution that solves this problem.

You can find out more about Soundwall and purchase one at, there are various sizes with prices starting at $325 for the smaller pieces. It’s well worth having a look.

Some images courtesy of Soundwall.

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