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South Audley Street Apartment

8th June 2016

A successful collaboration always produces the best outcome. When a developer, designer and gallery come together to create a beautiful space, the result can be quite spectacular. This South Audley Street apartment is the product of just such a collaboration.

The hottest events in Mayfair this week have been hosted in this apartment. The launch of SQUAT, the first London project by Milan based Nilufar Gallery in collaboration with Shalini Misra Ltd. followed by the launch of this apartment by the female development duo, Shalini Misra and Ekta Varma of Genessia.

All specialists in their fields, this collaboration has brought incredible art, design and business (in the form of property development) together in one project.


Let me take you on a tour. The apartment had not been lived in for over 30 years. Apparently the layout and finishes were terribly dated, I wish I’d seen the before images. The designers updated the space and finished it off with the highest specification of finishes. GENESSIA-SOUTH AUDLEY APARTMENT

The living room is impressive, this is a space designed to entertain. On both evenings the apartment was filled with people, and the living room easily absorbed the crowd. A firm favourite was the coffee table, made up of 8 separate pieces that could be moved around the room as needed.

The dining room table echoed the design of the coffee table too, formed of 7 separate pieces, it’s a work of art in itself. Designed by Massimiliano Locatelli, 6 casted bronze modules and 1 polished mahogany module. It reproduces the shape of Tây lake in Hanoi, while the mahogany element represents the Quång An peninsula and the bronze elements recall the lake water surface. GENESSIA-SOUTH AUDLEY APARTMENT (8)

The stunning entrance was so well thought out. The pattern on the floor has been replicated throughout the apartment, first on the doors in the left on the image, and later on a rug in one of the smaller bedrooms. I like the idea of replicating patterns throughout a space as it helps to tie the design together.



The master suite had an injection of colour from the fabulous green rug. I think the bold green helps to increase the contrast of the brass finishes. The ‘Off cut’ screen by by Martino Gamper is used as a headboard in this room, and quite successfully too.

The master bathroom is equipped with the latest technology, all seamlessly integrated into this space. The space must have been quite a challenge to design, an apartment at this level of the market you expect to see two basins in a master ensuite. The challenge presented itself in the form of a window, which cannot be moved in these old Mayfair apartment blocks. The designer cleverly positioned the mirrors in such a way as you don’t even notice that it’s sitting in front of a window! GENESSIA-SOUTH AUDLEY APARTMENT (16)

The study which adjoined the living room was my favourite room. I love the colour from the artwork and the shape of the chairs.GENESSIA-SOUTH AUDLEY APARTMENT

The lighting through the project was exceptional. The biggest statement piece was the giant Tatou ceiling lamp by Patricia Urquiola.GENESSIA-SOUTH AUDLEY APARTMENT

The further two bedrooms were of course filled with art, vintage and helped to introduce further colour into the scheme.



This 3 bedroom (or 4, depending on if you changed the study into a bedroom), 3 bathroom apartment is currently on the market. I think it’s a very successful project by Genessia and a really wonderful experience to enjoy Nilufar’s pieces in the space too.

For more info, visit Nilufar Gallery, Genessia and Shalini Misra Ltd.

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