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St Eval Candle Co – Luxury British Festive Candles

9th December 2015
St Eval Candle Co

I wrote about the St Eval Candle Co earlier this year as I was very impressed with these candles. I’ve been buying them since I found them, and was very glad when they called me up and asked if they could send me a selection of their Christmas candles to try out.

To summarise, this brand is based in Cornwall (and we all love to buy local), they use quality wax and substantial containers, the scent is excellent too! You’re looking at less than £15 for an average sized candle. I’ve been asked before how I can call this a luxury candle as their prices are quite low, but the quality of these candles rival some brands that sell for £40+! Trust me on this – try them out.

Starting with this lovely blend of nutmeg, cinnamon and clove, the Inspiritus candle is the ultimate Christmas candle. Hand poured and hand dipped, this candle will burn for up to 90 hours. The price – £13.80! Inspiritus 

The Figgy Pudding candle comes in a baroque embossed pot and definitely is sweet scented – just like the delicious pudding. It’s a bit too sweet for me, as I like the dark deep scents, but if you like sweeter scents, then this is for you. £12.12 Figgy Pudding

A Christmas classic – the Orange & Cinnamon pillar candle is their best selling Christmas candle. I do like the scent, but I gave this candle to a friend of mine who has a large home in Kent, and she’s commented on just how beautiful this candle smells even when it’s not lit. £13.49 Orange & Cinnamon

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