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31st July 2015
Sea Salt Candle St Eval Candle Company

Buying local is a movement that has gained in popularity over the past few years. Before the 80’s and the mass consumerism that engulfed the high streets, most people bought local, as that’s all there was. One of the goals of Interior Style Hunter is to showcase British brands.  Hunting out and finding the incredible products and services that are available so that we can buy local.

Every now and then a little gem comes along, this time in the form of a candle company, the St Eval Candle Company and they make luxury handmade candles in Cornwall.

I came across the Sea Salt candle in a local interior design shop near my home. The fabulously heady sea salt scent in the shop made me think right back to when I was a child and the numerous days I spent at the beach. When living in Cape Town, I remember the thick sea fog descending on the Atlantic Seaboard and the strong salt scent.  I’ve always liked that scent, and found it hard to ‘replicate’ in a candle. Numerous brands do sea salt scents, but they have not quite got the saltiness right, this on the other hand is just perfect.

You may wonder why I’m talking about scent on an interior design focused blog. I always design spaces around a feeling, and what better way to evoke a feeling than by using scent. It’s an important layer to add to a space to enhance the experience.  So do think about adding scent to your space when designing.

The sea salt candle that I purchased comes in a heavy stone coloured terracotta pot. This gives the candle a nice heavy weight – making it a great gift 🙂 and at £9.90, yes, not the usual £40+ I usually pay for a candle, this is great value.

The company itself have quite an impressive story too.

The candle factory is based on a farm in North Cornwall.  The farm holds the highest stewardship offered by Natural England because of its sustainability. The bee garden and wildflower meadows at the farm contribute to the scents of St Eval candles along with the fragrance of the north Cornwall coast.

There is an extensive range of candles, I’ve only mentioned the Sea Salt scent, as that’s what I have. But I’m sure that the rest of the range would feature the same quality.  The range of containers vary from tea lights right up to 2.14kg terracotta bowls with a burning time of 190 hours.

If you enjoy candles, then definitely check out the St Eval Candle Company.


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