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Stylish outdoor living with Tectona

11th April 2016

As summer starts to approach, we start to think about outdoor entertaining. There’s nothing better than holding a summer garden party. I love being outdoors and of course, I pay as much attention to outdoor style as I do indoors. Tectona is an iconic outdoor lifestyle brand. They have a wide range of furniture, decor accessories that are designed for outdoor use.

Their pieces are designed with comfort, quality and simple aesthetics in mind, perfect elements for outdoor furniture. I particularly like that Tectona regularly collaborated with designers to expand its range. This is also a very clever way to expand their brand awareness.

Two collaborations that I particularly like are the Copacabana collection by Christophe Delcourt and the Bivouac outdoor lamp, design by Goliath.

Tectona_Bivouac_AmbianceThe Bivouac lamp, designed by Goliath, is on trend with its tripod leg base. The lamp is powered through a solar panel and uses LED light which can be adjusted to 4 different levels of intensity.

Tectona_copacabana_ambiance_chaise longue_2

The minimalist lines of the Copacabana collection make these pieces easy to incorporate into your outdoor space. I particularly like the tones of the wood and the shape of the shadows that these pieces throw.

There’s not much time left until the first summer parties begin, so start thinking about your outdoor space and how you can use simple pieces to transform your outdoors into a relaxed chic space.

For more information contact Tectona.

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