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Telling An Authentic Story Through Interior Design, With Mikel Welch of Mikel Welch Designs

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Welcome to yet another episode of Interior Style Hunters. Joining us today on the Podcast is Mikel Welch. Mikel is a self-taught designer and runs his interior design business, Mikel Welch Designs, in New York City. He is also a TV personality that showcases his talent to millions of viewers, teaching them how to create luxury-inspired spaces with a conservative budget. Mikel has also created lavish greenrooms for First Lady Michelle Obama, First Lady Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Joan Rivers, and Halle Berry.

Mikel is definitely design, celebrity, and TV all-in-one! In this episode, Mikel dives into his journey and life as an interior designer and on air television personality. We also chat about how Mikel honed his skills as a designer, why he believes successful designers have an innate quality, and the importance of seizing every opportunity that comes into your life. Tune in for all this and more inside today’s episode!

Key Points From This Episode: 

  • How Mikel got started in interior design and when he made the leap to TV. 
  • Mikel’s defining “ah-ha” moment of his life. 
  • How Mikel developed his own skills as a designer, being self-taught. 
  • The story of how Mikel got his big break from Craigslist. 
  • Why Mikel believes that interior design is an innate quality. 
  • A chain of events that landed Mikel on TV. 
  • How Mikel connects with his audience when doing a show. 
  • The differences between designing for television versus real life. 
  • Understanding the personal space of an individual’s home.  
  • Mikel’s ethos in building his business and driving his career. 
  • Learning to constantly look for and seize opportunities in your path.
  • How Mikel’s personal values are reflected in his work. 
  • Where Mikel gets his best ideas and inspiration. 
  • Understanding the storytelling nature behind interior design. 
  • The biggest challenge Mikel faced in growing his business.  
  • Why telling Steve Harvey he didn’t want to work for him was the best decision Mikel made. 
  • What to look forward to from Mikel and his business this year. 
  • A book that shaped Mikel, who everyone should follow, the best gift Mikel’s given, and more! 


“In interior design, either you have it, or you don’t.” — @mikelwelch [0:04:30.1] 

“I’m not a gambler, but in terms of risk I will put all the cards on the table for my business in order to change my dream.” — @mikelwelch [0:16:55.1] 

“So much of what we do in interior design is storytelling.” — @mikelwelch [0:18:06.1] 

“Don’t be afraid to have conversations. So many curators and artists, they want to tell you the story behind their product.” — @mikelwelch [0:19:38.1] 

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