The Beauty and Significance of Collectible Craft

The Beauty and Significance of Collectible Craft

I hope that by now if you’ve been following me over the years, you’ll know that I highly value handmade items. It’s a real passion of mine, and I love exploring contemporary, vintage and antique craft. This week, I am looking forward to visiting the Collect Art Fair. I served on the Advisory Panel for this year’s show, I will be judging at the show and I have a private VIP group tour for my interior design clients. 

Collect is considered the premier craft fair and showcases a curated selection of handmade works across various mediums presented by galleries from around the world. The items exhibited at the fair are referred to as collectible craft, functional art, or handmade art pieces that sit between the worlds of art and design. There isn’t yet a term that quite defines this art sufficiently.

Artist Robert George from Collect Open with his work Simmer Down. Photo credit: David Parry/PA Wire

While some of these items may not immediately catch one’s eye, it is essential to appreciate the skills and techniques that artists have refined and acquired over the decades. The dedication and pride these creators have for their work are evident in the finished piece. While it’s difficult to value art, particularly when the intrinsic value is not much, the value here is derived from the time, effort, and skill that goes into their creation.

Handmade objects are part of human culture, and they tell stories about our past and also connect us to the present moment. I believe that acquiring a handmade object means acquiring a work of art whose expression is linked to time and connects us with the maker, their skills and their passion. 

Time Rock Stack XVI by Dawn Bendick from Joanna Bird Contemporary Collections. Photo credit: David Parry/PA Wire

In addition, natural materials have been shown to be good for our mental health, and handmade objects are no exception. I also believe that the energy imparted by the maker during the creation of the object is connected to the collector or the viewer of the object. I truly believe that having objects around us that visibly show the ‘mark of the maker’ has a calming effect on the human body – it certainly does for me. 

In today’s fast-paced, consumer-driven world, it is easy to lose sight of the value of handmade objects. Collectible craft is a reminder of the beauty of handmade objects and the significance of the maker’s mark. It allows us to slow down and appreciate the value of artistry, skill and often simple materials expressed in the most beautiful ways. 

I believe that collectible craft is a vital part of human history and culture. By exploring the world of collectible craft, we can discover the beauty of handmade objects, appreciate the skill and dedication of the craftsmen who create them and connect with the energy that is passed on from the maker to the collector. 

I highly recommend visiting the Collect Art Fair to explore and discover different materials, mediums, and diverse artists from around the world. It is an opportunity to learn, fall in love with a material, find beautiful pieces to use in one’s home, and connect with the energy of the makers.

Collect Art Fair
Somerset House, London
3-5 March 2023

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