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The new Girih Collection from LINLEY

2nd May 2016
Girih Treasure Chest

It’s not a secret that LINLEY is one of my favourite designers. They create beautiful collections and the level of craftsmanship is second to none. Their new collection, the Girih collection is a bold statement of colour and geometric pattern.

Inspired by a trip to Doha last year, David Linley saw an 8 pointed star pattern on a set of mosaic tiles, took a photograph of it and sent it back to LINLEY headquarters to develop further.

Girih Treasure Chest (1)The masterpiece of the collection is the Treasure Chest. The striking dyed sapphire blue sycamore and satinwood marquetry cover the exterior of the chest.

“Finished in elegant high gloss, the design is elevated by the choice of materials – while the undulating grain in the ripple sycamore veneer adds opulence and depth to the pattern, the natural sycamore frame will gradually transform into a beautiful golden hue when exposed to sunlight, gaining richness and character over time.”

Girih Treasure Chest (4)
Girih Treasure Chest (6)Inside the chest, the exterior pattern I replicated in yellow and white gold leaf.  This LINLEY masterpiece includes the trademark LINLEY elements of secret drawers and compartments, superior craftsmanship, and hand finished detailing, making it a very fine piece.

Girih Treasure Chest (9)

There are a few other pieces in the collection, namely a trinket box (which I have my eye on), a rug, decanter and glasses.

I’m sure that the blend of the strong geometric pattern and the best English craftsmanship will make this collection very appealing.

You can find out more about the Girih Collection at LINLEY.

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