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The Two Hemispheres of Design, with Sophie Elborne and Sophie Coller of Kitesgrove

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Welcome back to another episode of Interior Style Hunter and today we are lucky enough to be joined by the two directing Sophies of Kitesgrove!

Sophie Elborne is the Creative Director and Sophie Coller is the Managing Director and they are here to tell all about their company and the way they compliment each other and direct the team that works there.

We chat about the company’s design ethos and their approaches to different types of projects. We also get into some of the challenges that they have faced and that are currently relevant to their work. One of the main points that emerges from the conversation is the focus and tailoring that Kitesgrove affords the needs of their clients, preferring to work specifically to these than to have a set aesthetic and mode of operation.

We also cover some of the spaces from which our guests take inspiration and look at potential dream projects before getting into our usual round of quick fire questions.

For all this and much more, be sure to tune in to hear what they have to say!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How the two Sophies work together and compliment each other’s strengths.
  • Kitesgrove’s design ethos and their approach to staying fresh.
  • Challenges and problem solving and how this inspires our guests.
  • The differences in approach towards residential and development projects.
  • Tailoring interiors to the needs and tastes of a client.
  • Some of the exciting new collaborations in which Kitesgrove is involved.
  • Where our guests get their best ideas.
  • Dream projects for the future with the two Sophies.
  • The biggest challenge that faces the company right now.
  • Some of the lessons Kitesgrove have learned around their team.
  • Things to look forward to for the short term future with Kitesgrove.
  • A round of quick-fire questions with our guests!
  • And much more!


“It’s about understanding how someone actually moves around space and who is actually going to be living there and using it.” — @kitesgrove_news [0:07:04.7]

“It’s not always a given for clients to recognize that a space is not really quite suited to them.” — @kitesgrove_news [0:09:05.7]

“Ultimately you want to walk around a space and feel a sense of discovery and you want to feel inspired.” — @kitesgrove_news [0:16:15.3]

“Very few good ideas come from me, I have to tell you, it’s normally from the team.” — @kitesgrove_news [0:33:38.5]

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