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Thyme; A village within a village

A weekend away in the country usually means checking into a grand old stately home with large reception, and entertainment rooms so that you can be on show all weekend. Today the savvy traveller needs privacy, a sense of home and excellent service. This is packaged up and delivered effortlessly by the team at Thyme. 

A village within a village is their strapline. It’s slightly vague, but it becomes quite clear what that means after a visit. Thyme is an old farm that over time has slowly and organically evolved into a country type resort of sorts.

I spent some time at Thyme exploring the set up to understand this modern interpretation of a weekend getaway. What I love about this is that there’s enough to do on the farm that you don’t need to leave. 

There’s a cookery school, libraries, a spa, outdoor heated pool, choice of two eating places and a gloriously comfortable bar area. Multiple fireplaces dotted around too, so it’s a case of pick your favourite spot, curl up, order tea and relax. 

The design is fitting for a farmhouse and very unassuming, which I like too. The bespoke sheep dotted around the property add so much character, they’re also pretty comfortable to sit on. Each building has been carefully restored taking into account it’s original construction and intended use. There’s also a lot of history on the property including a tree which dates back over 600 years.

The rooms are private and comfortable, with a mix of bedrooms in different buildings around the property and some garden cottages available too.


Lunch at Thyme

We were lucky enough to have the chefs table which was a real treat. Thyme served up a fabulous Christmas Feast for us. Everything sourced locally and absolutely delicious.

Cooking School

Thyme started out at a cookery school, and a lot of guests enjoy spending time at the school during their stay. We had a great time at the cookery school, which included making gougeres. Cocktail making was on the menu too, and that I really enjoyed. You’ll see my piping skills need some practice.





Doors at Thyme

As I was wandering through the property I kept taking photographs of all the doors. I loved that each was completely different which highlights the age of the buildings, but also the organic journey this hotel has been on.

For more information and to book your stay, contact Thyme.


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