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Tour of a Georgian apartment in Mayfair designed by 1508 London

24th November 2015
1508 London - Project Sinatra - London UK, 2015

1508 London is an interior design studio. They launched just 6 years ago, and have quickly built up a team of 40 individuals (who are all aged under 40 too!). 1508 have completed over 35 projects in 10 countries. This is a design firm who are going places, and very fast too!

2016 is going to be a busy year for 1508 with projects including the prestigious Chelsea Barracks; a redevelopment of a Lowndes Square property previously owned by Roman Abramovich; an apartment in the Southbank Tower; two apartments in Park Crescent East; two 25,000-square-foot villas in Dubai; and a St Petersburg project with Squire and Partners.

A lot of press releases arrive in my inbox every day, and sometimes I just enjoy looking at the images. This Georgian apartment in Mayfair caught my eye, in particular, the legs of the dining room chairs and the vertical lines in the living room that did it for me (have a look out for them as you move down the page).

So come along with me and let’s have a closer look…

The period detailing had to be reintroduced in this Georgian property including the wall panelling, which looks very modern, but the classical elements ensure that it creates an elegant Georgian feeling.  The stonework panel staircase provides a focal point too. Notice the light on the ceiling above the stonework panel, helping to draw the eye to this feature and zoning the space too.1508 London - Project Sinatra - London UK, 2015

The use of stone and wood really stand out in the image below, and this creates a strong visual display in the room. Your eye darts between the two surfaces, not sure where to rest, and how better to get you to move down the stairs…1508 London - Project Sinatra - London UK, 2015

1508 London - Project Sinatra - London UK, 2015

This image below of the dining room is why I wanted to write about this home. I absolutely love the legs of those chairs and the two console tables. The lines of these legs draw your eye deeper into the room. 1508 London - Project Sinatra - London UK, 2015

This is a large living room and easily accommodates the two large feature ceiling lights. Straight lines are very important in this apartment’s design and you can see a lot of vertical lines in this room. I like the way that the hexagonal ottomans help to break up the straight lines and add some flexible seating to the room.1508 London - Project Sinatra - London UK, 2015

The detail and styling are what you’d expect from a luxury project in Mayfair, but I particularly like that the wall panelling has been continued over the cupboards, and the result is sleek. The dark shelves pop out against the white panelling too, creating more visual interest.1508 London - Project Sinatra - London UK, 2015

Using mirrors to make a space feel larger is a trick that designers have used for centuries. To enhance the feeling of space, the reflection of the carpet make it feel like it’s a long hallway. 1508 London - Project Sinatra - London UK, 2015

Modern kitchen design can sometimes be sterile and too functional. I think a lot of the time kitchen designers forget that we spend such a lot of time in kitchens that it would be great to have some art in there too – the same applies to bathrooms.

I love how in this kitchen the sculptural light helps to tone down the straight formal lines of a functional space. The soft curtains help to soften the room too.

1508 London - Project Sinatra - London UK, 2015

Let’s have a closer look at some of the finer details. Lighting is so very important in any space and you really should take your time (and spend your money) on decent lighting design that shows off the design of the space. These lights on the side of the staircase help to highlight the architectural statement that these stairs are making.

1508 London - Project Sinatra - London UK, 2015

Using lighting behind shelves helps to make storage more practical. 1508 London - Project Sinatra - London UK, 2015

Flooring too, is something that is going to have a massive impact on the way you live in and style your space. This classic chevron wood flooring suits this property and can easily fit in with most design styles.1508 London - Project Sinatra - London UK, 2015

The same chairs that we found in the dining room are also in the hall. I like the repetitive use of feature pieces of furniture. It helps to connect large homes and make them feel more cohesive.

1508 London - Project Sinatra - London UK, 2015

I hope you enjoyed this little tour, do let me know in the comments below what was your favourite room and why.

You can find out more about 1508 London and their projects at their website 1508 London.

Image credit: 1508 London

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