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Traditional Textiles: How to use Suzanis in your decor

Silk Suzani Cushion Pentreath Hall 660 wide

First up, what is a Suzani?

A suzani is a hand embroidered traditional textile made in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries.

They usually have a cotton base which is embroidered with silk or cotton.  They more luxury pieces we find here in the UK are usually silk base with silk embroidery.

The embroidered motifs are often sun and moon disks, flowers, leaves and vines and fruits (especially pomegranates).

Where can I find a suzani?

A few weeks ago I was browsing the mens clothing stores along Lambs Conduit Street, but there are also a couple of interior stores dotted around there too. One of which is Pentreath & Hall. They have a decent range of luxury suzani cushions on sale (from £145), which is where I spotted this beautiful cushion.

Silk Suzani Cushion Pentreath Hall 660 wide

You can also find suzani cushions filtering down into the high street. India Jane has a small selection to choose from, they are also quite reasonably priced too.  I saw two sizes, the larger (67cm x 67cm), Monserrate for £65 and the smaller cushion (45cm x 45cm), Evova for £55.

Why would I use a suzani in my decor?

Well, there are so many answers here, but in my opinion, the high-end silk suzanis are beautiful and have a luxurious feel to them. Making them perfect for use in higher end interior design and styling.  They are also very colourful and I’m always keen to add a pop of colour to a room.

I’ve listed some pictures below that will help you see how they can be used in interiors.

  • You can simply throw a suzani over a sofa.
  • Or even use as a bedspread, I think a high-end luxury silk suzani would be great to use as a bedspread.
  • One of my favourite uses, is being bold with the colour and upholstering some chairs with the suzani fabric.  By upholstering two in the same pattern helps to balance the room as it’s quite a strong pattern.
  • Using cushions, like the one I photographed above at Pentreath & Hall is the easiest way to incorporate the bold suzani colours and patterns into your home.

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