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A tribute to Oscar de la Renta by OKA

22nd February 2016
OKA Oscar de la Renta tropical beach house dining room

OKA’s 2016 spring collection is a personal tribute to a great friend of one of the founders. Annabel was inspired by her late friend Oscar de la Renta to create her latest collection – A tribute to Oscar de la Renta by OKA.

It’s a riot of colour, detail, eclecticism, and it captures the spirit of Oscar’s home.

“I was lucky to have been able to count him as a friend and spent many happy February weeks at his beautiful home in the Dominican Republic. I have put together this scheme, based on his house, as a tribute to Oscar and in celebration of his matchless style.” Annabel Astor

OKA Oscar de la Renta living room coral

The key to this look is the eclectic collection of items, there is no one particular look, but rather an assortment of pieces that have been collected over a lifetime. The inherent style being that of the collector, in this case, Oscar de la Renta, or OKA’s interpretation of his style.

Colour was very important to Oscar, and OKA have used this to great effect, bright blue’s and striking corals, tropical greens accented with turquoise and yellows. All this colour looks great against the neutral furniture.

OKA Oscar de la Renta blue bedroom

With books everywhere, design accessories on every surface and furniture that doesn’t match or come in pairs (note the different side tables and lamps on either side of this bed). This is a look that feels very homely and the principles and design elements are easy to incorporate into any home.

OKA Oscar de la Renta sofa

Accessories are important to making this look work and OKA have a large selection to choose from. Think about using accessories in odd numbers, varying heights and contrasting colours to make this look work.

OKA Oscar de la Renta detail console living room

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