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Tropical bathroom interior design ideas

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I’m a little late to the party with the whole tropical interiors trend. It’s not that I haven’t noticed it everywhere, but I just haven’t got down to writing about it. Being from a part of South Africa that’s very warm and particularly humid, I know what it’s like to live in a tropical environment – and it’s not glamorous. All that humidity can make you go a little crazy. So I’m quite enjoying that from the mild climate in England, I can immerse myself in a few tropical bathroom interior design ideas without getting hot and sticky.

Going beyond the tropical trend, which has sort of run it’s course, I want to explore something a little more luxury – something I’d call ‘Rainforest’ or something similar, and it’s as simple as it sounds. Using a lot of tropical plants in a space. Bathrooms are the perfect place to really push the limits of design. You aren’t in the space for very long, so it doesn’t need to be too ‘tranquil’, it can be edgy and very contemporary.

In the three images above, tropical plants are used to create soft architectural shapes in the bathroom, this works really well with the hard finishes of the bathroom. Without the plants these two bathrooms would be rather plain. I particularly like the image at the top with all the ‘wild’ plants neatly contained.

If you aren’t quite into having an indoor forest, then you can think about wallpaper…

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Or even a ‘feature’ tiled wall with these tiles that I spotted at Reed Harris

Reed Harris

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