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A smart Turning Table by Menu

turning table menu

I’m always buying too many things, I don’t like being in a cluttered space either, which means, I’m always putting things away or more recently, buying clever storage units to hide things. Most storage is so uninspiring and just ugly. But this Turning Table caught my eye in an email I received this week.

It’s a clever little thing with a reasonable amount of storage space, handy for the living room, where there are always books, magazines, the odd ticket to a show that you want to keep in front of you so you don’t lose it! The best part is that whatever you have sitting on top of it, you don’t need to take off to get to the storage. It’s called a turning table, because the lid of the table rotates to reveal the storage underneath.


At 65cm wide, it can be more than functional, you’re able to get a smart bowl or vase on it without losing the practical function of having a surface roomy enough for two cups of tea and plate of biscuits.

When I’m styling for clients I like to suggest dual purpose furniture, and this piece is certainly going to be sitting on my go to list.

The Turning Table is a stylish piece, available in black ash and white oak, I particularly like the copper accent supports underneath, which work best on the black ash version. I wouldn’t mind one of these for myself.

Available at Black by Design, Turning Table by Menu, £349.95

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