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Unexpected Design

5th June 2015

Inspired by Seth Godin’s blog post today, Blah, blah, blah. He talks about writing being sorted into two groups.  The expected and the unexpected.  Explaining that most of the time we don’t remember what has been written as we usually expect what we are going to be reading, writing often isn’t memorable.

I think that this can directly be applied to design too.  Expected design and unexpected design.

Think about how unexpected design (I’m talking about good design here) delights and surprises you when you see and experience it.

Think about expected design, you don’t even notice it.  It’s doesn’t excite you either.

As a designer, are you thinking of ways to make your design excite people with unexpected twists and surprises or are you simply just doing what is expected?

I love to ponder on thoughts like this.  It helps to create better design.

Comments welcome – let’s discuss.

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