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Bring the garden indoors with Vertiplants


There’s something about plants that are incredibly calming for me. I’ve always got fresh flowers in my home, my window boxes are always bright, bold and filled with thriving plants, I think I inherited my Grandmothers green fingers. Whenever I’m in South Africa, I spend a great deal of my time in the garden, not doing the hard work of course (lol), but rather planting, pruning and shaping the garden. You can understand how thrilled I was when the innovative Danish company Vertiplants sent me a message on Instagram wanting to know if I wanted to try out their unique product.


This clever container measures 301mm x 301mm x 150mm and can hold up to 3 litres (enough for a medium sized houseplant). It fits flush against the wall and the shape of the container seems to disappear and lets the plant take centre stage. It’s a neat and tidy way to add plants to our homes, especially with our space challenged homes here in London. Being wall mounted, you don’t need a pedestal, floor space or shelf for your plants.

The Vertiplant would work really well in the kitchen holding your fresh herbs, it could also work well in an entrance by creating a large vertical garden with multiple Vertiplants mounted either horizontally or vertically.


I chose to put mine in the bathroom, I wanted a soft plant to offset the hard tiles and plastic of the Vertiplant itself. I popped down to the local garden centre and decided to go with a simple maidenhair fern, I think it looks great. It’s simple to fill and even simpler to attach to the wall.


The Vertiplant is available in white, grey and black and you can order directly from their website.

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